Dwayne Lloyd Photography | 2018 Senior - Katie! | {Lexington KY Senior Photographer}

2018 Senior - Katie! | {Lexington KY Senior Photographer}

September 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So as I was working with Katie last weekend, she stopped and asked if she was going to be on my blog?  I didn't quite know where this line of questioning was going (some prefer not to be and I respect that) but I said sure!  She then told me that she was looking forward to it because she had read many of my posts!  I stopped in my tracks and asked, you read the posts?!  No pressure there!  In all honesty I had a great time working with her and talking to her mom as well.  At some point I mentioned that one of the things that I love, and I do mean LOVE, about this gig is simply getting outside and spending time with people.  It's so much better than social media where we share many of the worlds problems.  I now know that when you get out and spend time with people you realize that the world is so much more than what is seen on computer screens.  Capturing photos of great people being their awesome self is what I love to do and that's exactly what happened last weekend.  Check these out!  



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