As a son of a photographer, I grew up shooting film.  Every roll of film had a limited number of available images.  From shooting with film I learned that each and every photo had special meaning.  A personal deeper meaning that lasts not only just after the wedding but also long afterwards for your children and grandchildren.  Years of experience are important, I agree, but a talent for working with families and a skill set for capturing details of those treasured moments are the most important priority that I bring to you as your photographer.  My skills and experience allow me to understand what is important to you and what images are vital for creating those memories.  Professionally, I have developed an instinct for capturing those moments that you will want to remember in your story.  

I choose my weddings carefully, devoting solid hours and weeks of work into making sure that your special day is everything you envision.  From planning schedules ahead of your wedding to ensure your day goes smoothly, making sure that those special shots of friends and family are made, and providing ease of access during those planning and post production phases, I work to make sure that your concerns and your expectations are met in every area.  

My goal is to be your photographer telling the story of your wedding in a way that you will always cherish.