Dwayne Lloyd Photography | Baby Make Three - Boys That Is! | {Lexington Ky Photographers}

Baby Make Three - Boys That Is! | {Lexington Ky Photographers}

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I realize that I've been doing this photography dream of mine for some time when I watch my families grow.  This is now the second family I work with that has been blessed with three boys and I've had the opportunity to photograph each of them from the beginning.  Wow, it's been a lot of fun watching what goes on behind the scenes - I have stories to tell!  

This family is very close to my family and me.  We've enjoyed watching each boy grow and their personalities develop.  I have no doubt that this little guy is going to be in good hands as he gets older with his two brothers watching his back!  Mom chose the theme of 'buddies forever' and I'm certain that will be the case.  Here's a preview from this session : 


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