Boys Boys Boys! | {Lexington Ky Family Photographer}

July 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been working with this family for five years now.  It was hard to believe when they told me but I've been with them since their oldest was a baby.  A family of three with one baby boy has now turned into a family of five with three boys!  It's been a blast working with them and watching them grow.  I think that is mainly due to the parents and the fact that they are so down to earth and we share a common sense of humor.  Dad always comes into the sessions and says, you know what we need - one or two good photos, that's it.  That is true but they also like the outtakes, the ones that I normally don't share somehow make it to the back of their Christmas cards.  I love that because that's real life and it's been fun to share that with this family.  Today I'm sharing some of the highlights from their session last weekend.  


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