Driftwood on Bon Secour | {Lexington Ky. Photographer}

August 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I usually do not post blogs showcasing my landscape photography.  I really have no reason for not doing so and the more I think about it, the more I feel it is a mistake.  Landscape photography is really what makes me tick.  It is how I learned photography when I was younger and then started again when I stepped back into photography with the introduction of the digital SLR camera.  To be honest, if not for the persuasion of my wife and a couple of friends, I would probably still be doing only landscape work.

Looking back, I realize that they were correct and am very happy for their persuasion.  Working with families and couples has drastically increased my exposure in photography and has help to improve  my skill set.  I tell people that photography is like golf - if you want to improve then you need to play more.   If you want more sessions in photography then you need to shoot more portraits.  This forces me to get out and work on my trade nearly every weekend and that not only improves my "game" but gives me the chance to meet some great people that soon become friends.  Without clients, I would have no business, no website, no blog etc.  That step was one of the greatest decisions that I have made regarding photography.

That being said, while on vacation this past week, I had the chance to go and explore the Bon Secour Bay near Gulf Shores Alabama.   It is a lovely area teaming with wildlife and natural beauty.  One morning I went out for a sunrise and walked along the bay to an area of abundant driftwood.  I climbed over, under, and around the driftwood during the predawn hour just hoping for a decent sunrise.  I was not disappointed and feel that, to date, this has been one of my most satisfying  landscape outings.  It was as if all I have learned in photography came full circle and I ended up back where I started only with a greater skill set than before.

Here are some shots from the outing : 


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