Look Who's Turning Two!

February 11, 2014  •  7 Comments

Welcome to my new blog format!  After years of blogging through blogger and using an external link, I have decided to streamline the blog and incorporate it into my website.  This should help with navigation and make my website a little more user friendly.  Social media buttons are located at several different locations throughout the blog and I would love it if you would click on one of those to share posts or stay connected in order to view future posts.   My entire photography business has been built mainly through word of mouth recommendations and I would really have it no other way.  

I could not have picked a better family with which to begin this new format.  I have had to opportunity to work with them for the last 2 years and they were one of the first group of clients that helped this dream of mine off the launching pad.  Last weekend I met with them again in downtown Lexington for their son's two year old photo session.  It is hard to believe that he is already two as it seems I just started working with him only a few months ago.  Time flies and months quickly turn into years, especially with children.  I commend them for scheduling regular sessions to capture all these moments forever.   

One shot we have always done for his session is a photograph of him wearing a UK necktie.  This family, like many here in Lexington, is true blue to the core and I think it is a unique way to measure his growth.  Since we were already downtown, we decided to go over to the lobby of Rupp Arena for this specific shot.  They have a piece of the old court in the lobby that I thought would be a great backdrop for his tie photo this year.  I have that photo, along with others, in this little preview from the day.  Please take the time to check them out and feel free to share them if you like them!  



Daelen Richardson(non-registered)
I believe you captured the spirit of the boy Rachael has described in detail to me. An excellent subject to photograph I'm sure. Nice work.
Connie O'NEAL Lichtenberg(non-registered)
Thanks for catching great pics of my active great nephew !!! Love those poses
Jackie Higgins(non-registered)
He is a cutey-patooty!!!!
Rick Fullard(non-registered)
Great pics. Dewayne ! Thanks !
Mary Higginbotham(non-registered)
These photos are too cute. Good job, Dwayne - I always enjoy your photography.
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