Lexington Ky Children's Photography | {Playing in the woods}

October 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
The drive through central Kentucky was beautiful as I headed into Woodford County for this photography session.  Although the trees here are not quite at peak fall color, the sunlight was magical as it passed through the leaves.  As the girls began posing in their dresses, in the woods, with the sunlight,  I knew it would be a good session.

Kids being kids though, after a short time the dresses came off and were replaced with their casual clothes - including Supergirl!  Much fun was had as I raced with them across the woods, gathered hedge apples, and  entered a spaceship just for girls under the weeping willow tree.   They told me I could come in but would need more hair and proceeded to pick some willow branches to use in that endeavor.  If it were only that easy!

Here is a look from the day :


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